Quick Journal Guide for Restful Sleep

If you have had a crazy day and want to get some restful sleep, it can be hard to quiet your mind. Here is a simple intentional journal guide that can help you leave your stressful thoughts on paper instead of carrying them in your headspace as you sleep.

It follows the familiar "sandwich" method; placing difficult or negative information between two positive "pieces" to make a sandwich. 

Grab your journal, some tea, and light a candle as you write the following:


1. What did you do well today? This can be anything, a good meal you prepared, keeping your patience during tantrum, being fully present for a conversation, taking time for yourself to have a nice shower, getting out the door on time, reading a great story with your kiddo before bed. Anything and everything. What are you proud of today?

2. Now what is weighing you down? Write it ALL! Doubts, fears, stressors, anger, to do lists, anything you think might keep you up at night... write it down or type it out on your digital journal. It will all be there in the morning. Release it as you write it down... freeing it from your mind.

3. What are you grateful for? Gratitude is so powerful, and it can instantly bring your body into a state of happiness. So, write about it, feel it. It can be simple things... the new coffee or tea you bought at the store, a smile your kiddo gave you, a warm bath, the sunshine, electricity, anything! Keep those thoughts close and smile as you write about what you are grateful for.

Once you have finished take three deep breaths.
-Inhaling fully into your body and exhaling very slowly with a sigh to cleanse your body-

Sweet dreams!