Spending time reading (alone or with your family) is a great way to add calming vibes to your life. Here are some ideas to help integrate reading into your world (and practice mindful parenting).

1. Provide a cozy corner in your home with plenty of books. You might be surprised to see your littles plop down on a pillow and look a t picture book or skim an encyclopedia.

2. Go to the library or bookstore and let them select their own reading material, this will get them more interested in books. Remember this quiet time is not about learning to read or practicing skills, it is leisure, calm time.

3. Some busy families need to schedule time, so set aside a special time of day for all of you to read in your own cozy spots. You can even use aroma therapy (lavender or chamomile spray) to subconsciously associate these scents with reading time.

4. I always like to take one or two deep breaths before I dive into a book to shift my mind to a calm and present state.

Happy Reading!