Gratitude Will Change Your Life

Practicing gratitude on a daily basis, can change everything. Feeling alone? Practice gratitude. Feeling angry? Practice gratitude. Feeling happy? Practice gratitude. It will make things better and brighter. Here is how to get started.

When you are feeling out of sorts: This means you need to stop and realign yourself. Take a deep breath and think of one thing you are truly grateful for. It doesn't need to be extravagant. It can be something as simple as having hot water in the shower. Imagine your life if you didn't have hot water, and had to take cold showers. Then, close your eyes and feel how happy you are to have that hot water. Next time you are in the shower feel it and appreciate it. Your mood may still be off balance, but it will be better if you felt this gratitude.

When you are feeling happy and content: Gratitude will deepen this feeling. It can be challenging to stop and pause when we are having fun. But taking a moment to breathe in gratitude during moments of happiness will intensify them and give you mind a chance to remember this feeling. It is how you mentally make happy memories, and they are intensified with gratitude.

Before Meditation: Give yourself a moment to breath in gratitude before meditation, thinking very specifically about what you are thankful for. This can shift you into a place of calm or even bliss to get you ready for a deep and meaningful meditation.