Valerian Root - Sleepy Time Tea

Valerian Root is increasing in popularity. It isn't too surprising, since anxiety and sleep issues are quite prevalent in our society. This natural remedy is quite helpful for both of these ailments. For parents, getting to bed at a decent hour can be crucial, and this can help you drift off, naturally.

Valerian Root tea is a natural sedative and can help many people with insomnia or anxiety. It is very powerful and can be toxic in high doses, so make sure if you are mixing your own loose leaf teas to consult an herbalist. For those looking for a great over the counter brand -- this is our favorite:

Traditional Medicinals: 
Night Night Extra
Valerian Root

It can be a bit stinky, but it really does help you sleep! 
You can find it at Sprouts or even on Amazon. Sweet Dreams! xxoo

For more information about Valerian Root: CLICK HERE (Dr. Axe is a great go-to for info)