Journal and Meditation: Setting an Intention

Setting an intention can be challenging. Often, we are overwhelmed with where to focus our attention. Here is a meditation and journaling exercise to help you create an intention.

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Step ONE: Take some quiet time, light a candle, and do a journal dump of the issues on your mind. This may include: to do items, past situations, upcoming stressors, things you wish you'd done differently, things you are excited about, things you are ashamed of... all of it. Write it all down.

Step TWO: Sleep on it. Once you have purged all of the clutter of your mind, take a night to rest.

Step THREE: The next day, re-read your journal entry with a highlighter. Highlight the words/phrases that are still on the forefront of your mind the next day. There may be many thoughts. Pick ONE. (you can come back to this page for more ideas on your next intentional meditation).

Step FOUR: On the very next page of your journal write about one of these items. What is it? How does it make you feel? What would you like to change? How would you like this idea/worry to play out? This is the most powerful question. Once you identify what you want the outcome to be, you are ready to move forward.

Step FIVE: Decide what you can control about this ideal outcome and what you can't. Focus on what you can control to create the outcome you desire. THIS IS YOUR INTENTION.

Step SIX: Meditate on this intention. Set this intention for your daily practice. Visualize it, feel yourself living this ideal. Breathe it, manifest it.

Step SEVEN: Follow through with what you can actively do to support this intention. Create a mantra, and when you get off track -- bring yourself back in line with this intention you have created.