Anjaneyasana For Balance

My kiddos love this pose, so I wanted to share. It is the low lunge pose, and it can be especially helpful for children on the spectrum (who often struggle with balance). I added some ideas below that might help you while working with you kiddos...

Teacher Tip Number One: Some children might like to start at table top and step one foot forward to go into the lunge

Teacher Tip Number Two: If your littles have trouble with the reaching up and back, they can stay with their arms extended straight into the air (see both versions below)

Teacher Tip Number Three: Pretending to be animals is fun for littles, you may have them start with their hands out like butterfly wings, they can bring them together and pretend they are bringing their wings together to rest on a flower (and hold the pose).

Teacher Tip Number Four: For those of you working with non-verbal students, it might be helpful to do the pose next to them on your mat, while encouraging them to try it. Once they begin to copy you, you may be able to help them guide them properly. (Always remember that if a student doesn't want to participate, that is just fine too, they will let you know!)

Teacher Tip Number Five: If you have a child with limited mobility, you can try to modify this pose from siting in a chair and practicing moving the arms up and back, or whatever is comfortable for your kiddos.