The first step to creating an intentional existence: BREATHE.

Finding the calm is important for all parents. In the midst of stress, it can be overwhelming and very difficult to stay grounded. Mindfulness can help -- Let's develop a practice that serves YOU.

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The benefits of meditation are incredible. Giving our children the opportunity to create a mindfulness practice is a tool that will benefit them for the rest of their life. 

Each child is different, so each practice will look different. The goal is let them try many different forms of meditation and calming therapies, until they find one that works for them:
  • breath work/pranayama
  • aroma therapy
  • meditation
  • yoga/asana practice
  • music therapy
  • journaling
  • rhythmic movement
  • sound healing

Calm is especially important for children on the AUTISM SPECTRUM.

Being present and mindful is a gift you can give your family every single day.
 Having the tools to remain calm in the chaos will change your life.

We may still struggle with patience, but every step towards mindfulness makes a HUGE difference.

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